Elders, Deacons & Board



Elders at Avon Christian Church serve as the spiritual leaders of the community.  Elders are called to be teacher, shepherd, celebrator at the Lord’s table and serve as pastoral and spiritual guides for the community of faith and work in cooperation with the pastoral staff.  The eldership serve as leaders in spiritual matters of discernment. At Avon Christian Church we believe you are called to be an elder therefore there are many elders in our community of faith who are available to support and encourage the congregation in spiritual matters.

If you believe you have the spiritual gifts for Eldership and feel called to serve please contact Rev. Dale Suggs


Deacons serve the ministry of the church in worship and service.  Deacons work in teams to ensure administration of baptism and the Lord’s supper in worship and service.
Deacons are elected positions and service is for a period of two years.   If you have interest in supporting this ministry please contact the ACC office  or see a member of the clergy staff.


Avon Christian Church Board

Avon Christian Church Board serves the community through setting the mission and vision, ensuring the fiduciary stability of the church and setting and reviewing policy. ACC has an elected board of officers and members at large.  All meetings are open and all members are invited to attend.