Ministries and Programs


Adult Christian Education and Spirituality

Building Avon Christian Church for community, spirituality and passion
Join us as we come together to learn, grow and serve.
Adult Sunday School classes at 9:00am -9:30am lead by pastor and elders
Contact the Church Office for more information at 317.839.6231

Christian Care Ministry Team (CCMT)

To be the hands of Christ reaching out

To reach out to our members and families in time of need.  Our ministry includes prayers, cards, phone calls and visitation of those who are sick, recovering from surgery, loss of a loved one or just in need of comfort.

Contact: Kathy Owen
Email: office@avonchristian. org
Phone: 317-839-6231 (Church Office)
Where: ACC room #300
When:  2nd Tuesday of every other month

ACC Community Garden

Joining in community for growing produce and sharing in God’s bounty

The Community Garden at ACC is in its infancy; 2013 was our first year.  The intention is to have plots available for the community for the production of produce.  It will be a “carry-in, carry out” experience as gardeners will be expected to provide their own seed, plantings, and tools.  All gardeners will be asked to share their bounty.  It is our vision that we will come to the harvest table blessed with the experience of toil, relationship, and community.

Contact: Beth Harlin
Phone: 317.837.7766
Where: Garden plots adjacent to and immediately east of the front parking lot at ACC
When: From dawn to dusk
How to sessions will be held, stay tuned.

Disciples Men Ministry

Ministering to the unique needs of men in the church and in the community, enabling them to fulfill their potential as servants of God, and strengthening the total ministry of Avon Christian Church.
Contact: Rick Olson
Email: office@ avonchristian. org
Phone: 317.839.6231
Where: Fellowship Hall
When: Various Events, occasionally

Disciples Women Ministry

Do you need a girl's night out once in a while?
Disciples Women is a ministry that provides worship, study, education, and fellowship for the ladies of Avon Christian Church through gatherings and small group studies.  It also provides an opportunity for the women of ACC to serve the community and the world as Disciples of Christ.
Contact: Kelly Payne
Phone: 317.839.6231
Where: TBD
When: Ongoing

Fellowship Ministry

To show the love of Jesus Christ by serving the needs of those who desire to gather around the fellowship table.
Contact:  Abby Campbell
Phone: 317.839.6231
Where: Fellowship Hall
When: Various Events, Ongoing


JULIETS (Jolly Unique Ladies Informally Eating Together Somewhere)

Lunch and fellowhip with ladies from our church
Contact: Carol Flinn
Phone: 317.718.3415
Where: Various restaurants, either local or within a few miles of church
When: First Friday of each month