Dear Friends,

Welcome to Avon Christian Church . . . a congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)! 

As the new Senior Minister, I, like you, am new to Avon Christian Church.  But in the brief time that I have been here, I have come to believe that ACC is “beyond the norm” for most churches.  Or as one of our members put it, “We just aren’t normal!” Isn’t that fantastic!!! 

ACC has a spirit of hospitality that is broad and deep and contagious.  Our choice is to be radically inclusive of all of God’s children irrespective of age, race, gender and any other designation you can imagine.  Our recent decision to be Open and Accepting of the LGBTQ community is but one way we have answered what we believe to be God’s call to embrace and celebrate our God-given diversity.

ACC has a spirit of inquiry that is a vital part of our identity.  Our choice is to welcome the questions and opinions of all of God’s children even if (or maybe “especially when”) those questions and opinions challenge us at the core of our faith.  We believe that it is in sharing the journey physically, spiritually and intellectually that we grow and strengthen our commitment to God in Jesus Christ.

ACC also has a spirit of joy that is simply part of its DNA.  The enthusiasm for Christ’s mission is palpable.  Worship, education and prayer ministries seek to care for and to challenge our members and friends inside the walls of the church.  Sports ministries, “Family Promise” that houses homeless families, and “Why Not Today?” ministries and the “First Fruits Garden” that feed the hungry are but a few ways that ACC is seeking to make a difference in the lives of those beyond the walls of the church.

If you are looking for a church home, I pray you will come and join us for worship or you will come and participate in one of our many events.  I know that you will be as blessed as we will be by your presence.

Don’t hesitate to contact me by phone through the church office (317-839-6231) or by email (dale@avonchristian.org) if you have a question, a pastoral need or an interest in talking about ACC and its ministries.



Rev. Dale Suggs

Senior Minister