#ACCLifewithCOVID-19 4/2/2020

Dear ACC Family,
Just a month ago we were embarking on our journey in the season of Lent. I was so excited for us to walk this path for the first time as pastor and congregation. Little did we know then that we would only have the opportunity to worship twice in person before we would find increasingly distancing ourselves from one another and that we would be worshiping virtually.  Our world and our community have changed in just a matter of weeks. Many of you are working from home, some of you have lost jobs or been furloughed from work, others of you continue to go out each day because your jobs are essential to keeping us all safe and healthy. We are all working to find our new “normal” in the midst of our lives in chaos.

We know that the current situation brings challenges, stress, fear and anxiety. Paula and myself have been working hard to provide you with resources and opportunities to promote spiritual and emotional wellness. I hope that you have been able to watch our virtual worship on our YouTube Channel on Sunday mornings: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtWspBKc3290U6Nfh64T9aQ

We also began holding Bible study and Sunday school for adults and children via Zoom. You will find a number of posts on our public and private Facebook page that we hope will help you to create sacred space in your own homes. Know that we are here for you, and we hope that you will reach out if you need something or are just feeling isolated. We pray that you remember in the midst of all of this, that God is present with us.

If there is one thing we are learning throughout this pandemic is flexibility. We continue to look to state and federal guidelines and follow the advice of medical professionals. Based on the most recent recommendations, we have now determined that the earliest date we might worship in our building again in May 3. As we get closer to that date we will make a determination and begin making plans to physically worship together in person. I am so sad that this means we will not worship together on Easter Sunday, but I am mindful that Easter is an entire season which lasts until Pentecost. It is also important to remember that as Christians, each Sunday for us is a mini-Easter, or celebration of Christ’s resurrection. Whatever date we finally gather again to worship, we will celebrate with beloved Easter songs, the traditional breakfast, and egg hunt. I look forward to that day whenever it is!

Pastor Danielle


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