COVID-19 Update 3/17/2020

Dear ACC Family,

As the world continues to change around us with the continued spread of COVID-19, we have been prayerfully asking how can we faithfully respond as God’s church. Based on recent announcements from federal and state health organizations, we have made the following decisions regarding the life of our church.

Following our school district’s closure, we will continue with virtual worship through April 5. Thank you to all who participated in the service yesterday and sent kind words about the experience to Paula and myself. We will continue to incorporate different voices and additional music into the worship leadership to help us continue to feel our sense of connection in the midst of this period of social isolation.

The virtual worship service will be uploaded each week to our YouTube channel which you may want to bookmark: The link to the specific video will posted Sunday mornings on our public Facebook page, in the community ACC Facebook group, and on our website. We are mindful that for some people, technology does not come easy, so if you need any assistance or if an alternative worship resource would be beneficial to you, please let us know.

Small groups may continue to meet in the church building as long as they take the following precautions. Groups must meet in the fellowship hall and allow appropriate social distancing of a minimum of 6 feet. When groups are finished they should take a moment to sanitize the area that they’ve used. You’ll find cleaning products on the table in the fellowship hall. If you are not feeling well, please stay home. Small groups/committees who would like to continue to meet via Zoom or other virtual conference call are encouraged to! The church has a Zoom account. If you need assistance setting anything like this up or need additional help with how to use, please contact Melissa.

The office will not be maintaining regular office hours and our staff and pastors may work from home as needed. If you need assistance please reach out to us. The voicemail will be regularly checked and calls will be returned as needed. Church members can also reach out to Danielle or Paula or one of our elders. Danielle and Paula will continue to be in the office throughout the week, but to limit the number of people in the office at any time we ask that you call ahead of time before dropping by and make arrangements if you need to talk to one of us in person.

Anyone who is self-isolating, please call if you need any help or need to talk. There was no class in seminary about how to pastor through a pandemic, but together we are here to care for you in the midst of these strange new times! Paula and I met yesterday to discuss ways we can create opportunities for virtual connection among our members, including our children and youth, so stay tuned for more information in the next week on ways to connect.

Last week as we continued to journey into the unknown, I, along with others, worried about what it meant for our church and the church universal to close its doors for worship. Sunday morning I was amazed, as my social media page “lit up” as a witness for God’s love. As I scrolled through I saw person after person sharing and watching live-streamed or virtual worship services all around the world. It was amazing to me, that when on any typical Sunday I see less than five live-streams in my own Facebook page, last Sunday I saw hundreds. What an amazing testimony to the power of our faith and Christ’s ability to remain a light even in times of chaos! Churches who struggle with technology or never thought they had the capability were figuring all of this out together. Messages of hope that might often be heard by only fifty or a hundred people suddenly have an infinite reach! Our own worship video has already had 134 views! These are times we have never encountered before, but I truly believe this is also going to be a time of revival for God’s church. Let us witness together to the amazing power of God’s unending love.


Rev. Danielle Cox

Senior Minister